THIS IS All about grahams butt

Grahams butt

My friend Graham has a lovely Butt, this page is a tribute to Graham's Butt


target for slapping, in a sexual or non sexual way; 

where poop and gas come from; 

where buttsex takes place; 

slang for gluteus maximus. 

(ass, bum, cheeks, etc.) 

*on cover of tabloids* 
where is Paris' butt? 

football jock 1: good game football jock 2! *slaps football jock 2's butt* 
drunk dude 1: hey good lookin' *spanks random chick's butt* 
tipsy but still somewhat sober chick 1: *smacks drunk dude 1's face

in "jackass: the movie", one of the guys takes a crap on a mini bathroom, zoomed so it looked like a real bathroom. 

jane loves buttsex

teen 1: "how people got "butt" from "gluteus maximus" i'll never know."

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